Britain’s scrap industry has an estimated worth of over £5 billion and with over 400 million tonnes recycled each year worldwide, it has never been more important for industry professionals to think about recycling their scrap metal. We take a look at the world of metal recycling, and provide key answers asked by clients to allow them to make the best recycling choice for their company.

Why should we recycle?

Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites and contributes to a greener climate – cutting CO2 emissions by 200 million tonnes each year. Recycled steel in particular has a plethora of benefits reducing air pollution by 86%, water use by 40% and water pollution by 76%. The UK produced 1.5 million tonnes of WEEE in 2014, an average of 23.5KG per person. By 2018 it is estimated that e-waste alone will rise to 50 million tonnes, an increase of 21%. With this, the UK joins other countries such as Iceland and Norway as one of the top five producers of WEEE ‘per capita’. Recycling also helps move the country towards the European Union’s target to see 90% of all ferrous metal recycled by 2030.

What metal can Bradford Waste Traders scrap?

Monies are paid (via cheque or fast transfer) for all iron, steel and non-ferrous metals including brass, copper, lead, aluminium and stainless steel. Electric motors and cables can also be disposed of safely, with clients delivering waste to the site.

How much is paid?

The price of scrap metal changes daily which means how much you will receive depends on the day. All metals are traded on the commodity market, so prices reflect this. Bradford Waste Traders pays the region’s top price for scrap.

The best way to receive the latest prices is to phone up the scrap yard on the day.

Can we just turn up?

Yes, Bradford Waste Traders processes all scrap metal at their dedicated site in Bradford. Simply bring all items small or large to the site. Bulky items can be collected. Our flexible team do all they can to ensure that waiting times are not long – usually 15 minutes after weighing.

What licenses does BTW hold?

The licenses held by Bradford Waste Traders are extensive and depend on the site that scrap is taken to. For a fully comprehensive list of licenses see below:
Newgate Works
Waste Disposal Licence
Environmental Agency Site Licence
Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010
Dick Lane Metals
Waste Disposal Licence
Back Muff Street Works
Waste Disposal Licence
Other Documents
Carriers Licence
Council Licence
VAT Self Billing Authorisation