How Badly Disposed Waste Costs You Money

Every year, WRAP estimates that the UK economy is infiltrated with around 600 million tonnes of products and materials. Of this staggering figure, just 115 million tonnes is recycled. While the nation is developing an increasing awareness for the need to responsibly dispose of waste, it’s not always clear what the correct process is. Often, businesses inadvertently end up adopting irresponsible waste management practices. Others are deliberately negligent in a bid to save money. Whatever the case, when waste disposal is incorrectly managed it can actually end up costing businesses money. How? Read on as we reveal the financial implications of disposing of waste irresponsibly.

A dirty reputation
If you’re engaging in irresponsible waste disposal you’re putting the reputation of your business at risk. Consumers are becoming increasingly eco-friendly and if you’re ousted for environmental negligence your public profile and bottom line will unconditionally drop. Furthermore, by failing to actively adopt eco-friendly operations you’re alienating today’s environmentally aware consumers. Research has shown that Brits are willing to pay more for sustainable goods and services which means you could be attracting more business by shouting out about your eco-friendly policies.

The eco-impact
When businesses are irresponsible about waste disposal the long-term consequences will inevitably arise, and they’re often in the form of financial penalties. For example, in the past the UK has mindlessly consumed and discarded with little concern for diminishing landfill space. Now, the government has introduced landfill tax raises that all businesses must swallow.

The red tape
Legislative fines are one of the biggest financial stings of irresponsible waste disposal. If your business is found guilty of irresponsibly disposing of waste you could be slapped with a serious fine from the Environmental Agency. If materials are toxic or harmful to the environment the consequences will be even more severe. Now that the UK is under obligation from anEU directive ruling that the nation must recycle 85% of its WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) by 2018, the government is becoming increasingly strict. This is making it harder and harder for businesses to get away with any irresponsible waste disposal actions.

Why run the risk of tarnishing your reputation, harming the natural environment and being slapped with legislative fines when you can deal with waste responsibly? Enlisting the help of certified experts such as Bradford Waste Traders will simultaneously save your business cash while boosting its environmental credentials.