Why choose a certified scrap metal dealer like Bradford Waste Traders ?

With landfill taxes increasing, non-compliance fines soaring and environmental consciences on the rise, UK businesses are developing a growing appreciation for recycling waste materials. For industrial businesses, the easiest and most cost effective way to do so is with a scrap metal recycler that exists to help clients manage waste metals, iron, steel and other non-ferrous materials.

But did you know that not all scrap metal recyclers are created equal? Some are certified, like Bradford Waste Traders, some aren’t and some are downright non-compliant. While the latter options may seem legitimate enough it’s critical for businesses to choose a certified scrap metal recycler. Why? Read on for our list of why industry accreditation is so important.

It’s best for the environment

When you recycle scrap metal with a certified provider like Bradford Waste Traders, you enjoy the total peace of mind that they’re operating with an environmental conscience. Accreditation from various different organisations and entities ensures that they comply with environmental legislations and aren’t cutting any corners when it comes to eco-friendly operations.

Counteracting criminals

Boston businesses have come under fire recently in a collaborative clamp down from the Environment Agency (EA), the Boston Borough Council and the Lincolnshire County Council. The trio was targeting illegal vehicle dismantlers and unlicensed scrap metal dealers that are profiting from businesses attempting to do the right thing by the environment. To officially operate commercial vehicle dismantling and scrap metal businesses need to acquire permits from the EA, as well as planning authorities. Of the four businesses audited, two were found to be uncertified and were issued with enforcement letters and permit applications forms, one was in the process of an application and just one was currently compliant.

Health and safety

Certified scrap metal recyclers like Bradford Waste Traders are meticulous when it comes to health and safety. Recycling metal can be a dangerous task and by working with a business that complies with Environmental Agency Requirements and Health and Safety Regulation responsibilities you can ensure that you’re not inadvertently contributing to workplace injuries or deaths.

Avoid non-compliance fines

When vehicles reach the end of their working lives it’s the responsibility of the owner to scrap the metal at an authorised treatment facility. If vehicle owners are found to be irresponsibly disposing of scrap metal they risk hefty fines.
So how do you tell whether or not a scrap metal recycler is certified? Licenses to look out for include a Waste Disposal Licence, Environmental Agency Site Licence, Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010, Carriers Licence, Council Licence and VAT Self Billing Authorisation.

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