With UK solar growth stalls following in the wake of government subsidy cuts, Bradford’s biggest scrap metal waste recycler is urging companies to look at alternative ways to boost their green credentials. With a focus on waste materials, iron, steel and other non-ferrous metals, Bradford Waste Traders is helping British businesses implement responsible and eco-friendly recycling policies that don’t cost the earth.

Following the April subsidy cuts large solar power farm development has flat lined, with small scale projects set to start feeling the sting in a matter of months. This means that a plethora of businesses across the UK will no longer be able to make the switch to solar powered energy. But this doesn’t mean environmental efforts should be dropped altogether. They can still recycle. Bradford Waste Traders maintains that while widely adopted solar power may be out for now, responsible recycling is still a hugely effective way for businesses to augment their eco-friendly credentials.

“It’s unfortunate to see that the government has cut subsidies to solar growth plans programmes within the UK, particularly given the fact that the ’20-20-20’ deadline is drawing ever closer. For businesses that are still keen to step up and take responsibility for going green, our scrap metal recycling service is a fantastic way to up eco-friendly credentials. Whether they’re burdened with a few sheets of scrap metal or an entire fleet or decommissioned vehicles, our services are tailor made to help businesses of all shapes and sizes minimise their environmental impact and reduce their disposal costs,” says a representative from Bradford Waste Traders.

Of the 200 million tonnes of waste generated by the UK each year, the construction industry accounts for 50% while commercial and industrial applications produce 24%. The sheer scope of waste generation makes both sectors key candidates liable to benefit from scrap metal recycling programmes.
For over a decade Bradford Waste Traders has been helping British businesses dispose of scrap metals without tarnishing their environmental conscience. The Environmental Agency accredited company operates a fully certified Authorised Vehicle Treatment Facility Centre (AFT) to treat, de-pollute, destroy and dispose of scrap metal. The advanced process is ultra-fast and resource efficient, taking an average of just 15 minutes. For businesses, the eco-friendly practices reduce air pollution by 86%, water pollution by 76% and water consumption by 40%.

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