When it comes to the vehicle recycling process there are many conflicting statements and confusing jargon. Many recycling plants claim that they are better than their competitors so just how do you choose what and where to recycle? When it comes to searching for a way to recycle waste, one of the most important things to keep a look out for is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

ATFs can also deal with vehicles that have reached the end of their life – this is usually free, but such vehicles must be scrapped at an authorised facility. Facilities are allowed to charge for the handling and disposal of vehicles that are missing essential parts such as the wheels, engine or gearbox.

Authorised Treatment Facilities are the best way to dispose of end-of-life vehicles. This is because they de-pollute, deconstruct and ultimately disposal of a car in the most environmentally friendly way possible. With 1.6 – 2 million end-of-life vehicles each year in the UK, ATFs have specific duties and regulations of care to all customers. One such legal requirement is to provide a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) for all passenger and light goods vehicles under 3.5 tonnes and three-wheeled motor vehicles.

CoDs are free and must be kept as they tell the DVLA that a vehicle is no longer on the road and was taken to an authorised ATF site. The DVLA then updates their systems based on the information provided. Log books (V5C certificate document) should be kept for audit purposes and then destroyed after 12 months.

ATFs are only obliged to issue a CoD if they actually scrap a vehicle. This is because the DVLA gives ATFs the power to decide whether a car is scrapped, repaired or sold on. Those who require a CoD for any reason must make this clear when disposing of a car, as well as ensuring that the company is ATF registered.

To find out if a scrap yard has ATF facilities, call directly or use online services such as the ATF Register. This makes it easy for those thinking of disposing of their vehicle to find an appropriate facility nearby.

Have you used an Authorised Treatment Facility to dispose of your vehicle?